“First Person: Living with HIV”


This is from a while back (April 2009) but I just watched it, and it’s definitely worth a look.  BBC World News America created this short video featuring prominent, long-time AIDS activist Eric Sawyer for its “First Person” series.  This is a very moving clip, in which Sawyer speaks emotionally about the havoc HIV has wrecked in his own life, and especially the friends and loved he has lost to the disease.  The pain in his voice is truly sobering.

I found the end of the video especially chilling.  Sawyer explains that he is alive only because he has the resources — money, health insurance — to get the newest and best anti-AIDS medications.  As he put it, “I can buy life.”  The point of course, is that not everyone who has HIV is so lucky.  As he says, that isn’t right.


~ by h.e.g. on November 22, 2009.

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