18,000 a year…

…that’s how many Americans die because of a lack of health insurance, according to the National Academy of Sciences. 


The Body Count at Home
Published: September 13, 2009

About as many people who were killed on 9/11 die every two months because of our failure to provide universal insurance — and yet many members of Congress want us to do nothing?

>> http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/13/opinion/13kristof.html


~ by h.e.g. on September 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “18,000 a year…”

  1. …and for over 10 years, since the 1998 IOM government report, “To Err is Human” the medical industrial complex has known that 98,000 die each year in hospitals due to medical errors.

    If the government can’t fix a problem such as that in ten years, what makes anyone think they should take over the entire health care system? http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com

    • I think the response is in the title of the 1998 report: to err is human. The government can’t prevent thousands and thousands of individual doctors and nurses from making mistakes. But that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t execute policy changes that would address systemic problems (such as inequitable access to health insurance).

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