Books for Cameroon

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day, and I’m pleased to be writing about this event alongside bloggers from around the world, which I know about thanks to the organizing power of Bloggers Unite.  Also thanks to the community at Bloggers Unite, I know about a very cool project being undertaken by a Peace Corps volunteer in the African nation of Cameroon.  Wendy Lee is working with three other volunteers on a project called Books for Cameroon.  Here’s part of a description from the project’s web page (

Reading is the gateway to knowledge and often the access to such knowledge is taken for granted. In Cameroon, students thirst for knowledge yet many schools are not equipped with a functioning library. The Books for Cameroon project will establish a library in 25 schools and benefit over 20,000 students. The schools will range from primary to high schools; some already have an existing library in need of improvement, others simply have a room waiting to be filled with books.

You can learn more about Books for Cameroon — and become a fan of the project! — on its Facebook page.  You can also read more about the project here.

Interested?  Want to help?  You can contribute to the project by making a donation online.  For those on a budget, Wendy suggests donating “a latte” (ie., about $5).  Every little bit helps!


~ by h.e.g. on September 7, 2009.

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