Dance against AIDS

This report, from IRIN/PlusNews, is very cool.

NAIROBI, 18 June 2009 (PlusNews) – An initiative that uses music and dance to convey HIV prevention messages to young people, dance4life, has won an award for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Communication in Africa from the African Network for Strategic Communication in Health and Development (AfriComNet).

“Adults are still guessing but dance4life has already taken a giant step,” their press release quotes one young man, Mugalu, from Uganda, as saying. “[…] dance4life has become my hope and I pray it grows bigger.”

dance4life won in the category, ‘best multi-channel strategy, campaign or tool’, for its innovative use of local dancing in re-energizing existing responses.

Read the whole article:

I love hearing about how people put all different kinds of skills, talents, and interests to work in the support of a cause.  When I was working with the Student Global AIDS Campaign in college, one thing we were always struggling to get across to people was the idea that anyone can get involved with HIV/AIDS advocacy.  (I was especially gung-ho about this because I was an English / History double-major with no obvious link to the issue.)  You don’t have to be an expert in medicine, or politics, or some obviously “relevant” field to make a difference.  A little creativity and willingness to learn can go far.

I think the biblical concept of spiritual gifts is helpful here.  In his letters, Paul often writes about how God gives people many different abilities, but all can be used to serve him.  And if we are engaged in HIV/AIDS advocacy as a service to God, it makes sense that many different abilities are useful — and, indeed, needed — here as well.  Stories like this one about dance4life can remind us that there is room for everyone in efforts of such importance.


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