More on HIV demographics in South Africa

Following up on yesterday’s post quoting a BBC report on a recent study on HIV demographics in the country of South Africa, here’s some more detail from an article produced by IRIN/PlusNews.

In recent years, researchers have identified intergenerational sex, particularly between younger women and older men, and having multiple sexual partners at the same time, as major drivers of the HIV epidemic in southern Africa.

The HSRC survey found that prevention efforts in South Africa were having little or no impact on either of these risky behaviours […].  Worryingly, since 2005 accurate knowledge about how HIV is transmitted had decreased significantly in all age groups. One researcher noted that “There seemed to be an acceptance of multiple partners, especially among the youth,” and that respondents found it hard to grasp the link between multiple partners and increased HIV risk.

Shisana said these disturbing trends were somewhat offset by a significant uptake in condom use, particularly among young men, 87 percent of whom reported using a condom at last sex. “I think young men have made a decision that they’re going to run around, but that they’re going to use a condom,” she said.

Read full article:  SOUTH AFRICA: A mixed bag of new HIV figures | HIV/AIDS (PlusNews) Prevention – PlusNews | Breaking News


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