“40 Days Toward Justice: A Call to Live”

This week millions of Christians around the world will begin this year’s observance of Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday.  Beginning on Ash Wednesday (the day after tomorrow), those who follow the traditional church calendar focus on reflection, repentance, and the memory of Christ’s death and Resurrection.

I wanted to let anyone who’s interested know about a Lenten study guide available online from Acting on AIDS (a student organization affiliated  with World Vision).  The curriculum — which incorporates Bible study, various readings, and questions for reflection or discussion — is called “40 Days Toward Justice: A Call to Live,” and features a different theme for each week of the season.

  • Week 1 – A Call to Live Simply
  • Week 2 – A Call to Live Humbly
  • Week 3 – A Call to Live Generously
  • Week 4 – A Call to Live Compassionately
  • Week 5 – A Call to Live Creatively
  • Week 6 – A Call to Live Fully

I’m really looking forward to working my way through this study guide.  I actually have a particular connection to it, because I was able to contribute to it.  Each week has a brief personal essay, and I got to write about compassion for week four.  I felt really honored to be able to write this piece, which basically tells the story of my relationship with a very dear friend of mine, who is currently serving in an HIV/AIDS clinic in the Indian city of Delhi.

On another exciting note, I just recently learned that my friend Christopher Yuan wrote the essay for week six.  Christopher has a truly amazing testimony.  I highly recommend his story, told briefly in this study guide, as a beautiful example of how God can and does display His love and lifegiving power in the midst of problems like HIV/AIDS.

You can sign up to get a copy of the study guide “40 Days Toward Justice: A Call to Live” here, on the Acting on AIDS webite.


~ by h.e.g. on February 23, 2009.

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