Bush on AIDS, Africa, and PEPFAR

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Just ran across this transcript of a conversation between Pres. Bush and Rick Warren, which took place a couple weeks ago on World AIDS Day 2008.  This isn’t exactly hard-hitting stuff — Bush is spinning with all his might, and Warren is helping him along — but it’s interesting, and touches on one of the (few) things George W. Bush has done well during his eight years in office.

As Bush and friends tour the media world providing some truly jaw-dropping evaluations of his foreign and domestic “successes,” his government’s committment to international AIDS funding isn’t getting much attention (which is a shame, from his perspective, because — as controversial as some aspects of PEPFAR are — he’s on much more stable ground there than when he’s talking about, say, Iraq).  It’s unfortunate that the indisputable good done by Bush’s committment to HIV/AIDS work has been so overshadowed by the fact that just about everything else his administration touched is falling apart at the seams. 

As much as I dispute much of what President Bush has stood for and done, and as relieved as I am that his term is nearly over, I hope that his work in this area won’t be forgotten or underestimated.  This is one aspect of the Bush legacy that he — and we — really should be proud of.


~ by h.e.g. on December 17, 2008.

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