After the Election, NYTimes Reports Jubilation in Kenya

Found an article on the phenomenon I mentioned last night.

KISUMU, Kenya | By Jeffrey Gettleman Call it redemption.

This town, in the epicenter of Kenya’s Obamaland — the same area where Barack Obama’s father was from and where some of his cousins, half-brothers and a very gregarious 80-something step-grandmother still live — exploded into cheers when the news broke that Mr. Obama had won the presidency.

Thousands of people sang, danced, blew whistles, honked horns, hugged, kissed and thumped on drums — all down the same streets where not so long ago huge flames of protest had raged.

“Who needs a passport?” people yelled. “We’re going to America”

It was sweetness on many levels. A black man in the White House. A half-Kenyan at the helm of the most powerful country on the planet. And a fair election, which Kenyans have learned is nothing to take for granted.

Keep reading: Reactions From Around the World – The Caucus Blog –


~ by h.e.g. on November 5, 2008.

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