Uganda’s Anti-HIV Plan

>> Uganda: Five Year HIV Plan Launched, New Vision (14 October 2008)

I just caught this big piece of news: Uganda has developed a five-year for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment throughout the nation.

Uganda has been in the spotlight for years due to its unusually high level of success in lowering HIV infection rates.  But the nation that developed the now famous (and controversial) ABC prevention method has been encountering more difficulties in recent years.

It will be interested to see what this national plan looks like: based on the article’s description, it sounds fairly comprehensive.  Let’s hope and pray that it works well, and that Uganda will be able to achieve its goal of drastically reducing its HIV infection rate.

Here’s an excerpt from the article (you can read the whole thing — it’s not too long — on

THE Uganda AIDS Commission yesterday launched a five-year national HIV strategic plan aimed at reducing the infection rate by 40%.

David Kihumuro Apuuli, the director general, said the new infection rate is expected to reduce from 163,000 to below 100,000 people per year by 2012.

This, he said, would be achieved through a maintained, well-established ABC approach complemented with refocus on cost-effective prevention interventions.

“The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda is mature but also continuously evolving and different groups are now more vulnerable than in the past,” he told listeners at the launch at Hotel Royale in Kampala on Monday.

About 1,000,000 people are infected with HIV. The strategic plan worth $2b is aimed at reducing the sources of new infections and expanding access to HIV and AIDS services.


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One Response to “Uganda’s Anti-HIV Plan”

  1. I’m really glad at their progress and looking at the amount of money they’re putting into it (hopefully not wasted) I can see their commitment to it. Awesome!

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