NN: HIV and minorities in America

>> Black churches are far from silent about a killer disease, Star-Telegram (8 Sept 2008)
Opinion article asserts: “Once educated on the depth and breadth of the challenge, clergy are receptive and eager to impact the pandemic. Similarly, when laity become aware of the truth about HIV and the truth about transmission, risk factors and the devastating toll the disease is taking on our community, black churches extend the grace of Jesus Christ to people who are hurting, meeting them where they are, every single day. I know many people with the disease who find their church to be a place of refuge and comfort.”

>> The Spread of H.I.V. Among Black and Latina Women, New York Times (9 Sept 2008)
Letterto the editor states, “Young black and Latina women make up almost 30 percent of the newly reported H.I.V. infections in New York City. Today’s H.I.V. epidemic among women and girls is fueled largely by heterosexual transmission.”

>> State sharpens its focus on HIV, The State (13 Sept 2008)
“The rate of new HIV infections among South Carolina blacks is six times that of other races combined, according to new estimates.”

>> Panel: Stigma hinders HIV treatment, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (9 Sept 2008)
“Katharine E. Stewart of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’ College of Public Health told the Arkansas HIV / AIDS Minority Task Force during its meeting at the Capitol that among blacks in the Delta there is a “stigma” associated with people who have AIDS.”

>> Efforts, Events Encourage Healthier Lifestyles Among Blacks, Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness, Other Health Issues Among Hispanics, Medical News Today (15 Sept 2008)
Summaries and links for three events:

  • Lorain County, Ohio: The National Urban League’s Save Our Sons African-American Health Project
  • The Third Annual Latino Community Faith-based HIV Conference in Rochester, NY
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center on Sept. 27 will host the Speaking of Women’s Health Conference, addressing health issues facing the Hispanic population.

~ by h.e.g. on September 16, 2008.

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