Make this election about the issues

As we enter the final phase of this year’s campaigns, we hear a lot about making the election about the issues, but not much about the issues themselves.  And then the question: which issues matter?  Which issues do we want to hear about?

The ONE Campaign has just launched an effort to bring one of the world’s most essential issues to center stage in the presidential debates — a place where it hasn’t been for a long time:

Only two questions about global poverty have been asked in the history of modern presidential debates – a shockingly low figure. In 2008, voters need to know what Barack Obama and John McCain will do to end the most extreme suffering in our increasingly interconnected wold.

You can help make sure that changes, by signing our petition to debate moderator Jim Lehrer urging him to ask “Just ONE Question” on global poverty at the first presidential debate, September 26th in Oxford, Mississippi.

Sign up at

We need to care about what our political leaders think and do about the world’s most pressing problems.  Potentially millions of lives depend on US policy on issues like global poverty, hunger, and disease.*  Those people have no say in American elections: it is up to those who do have a voice in this election to use it on behalf of people around the world whose lives and wellbeing may hinge on the results of this election.  That’s the reality of politics within a superpower.  Votes matter — and not just to the people who cast them.

Sign this petition.  Add a personal note.  Tell your friends and family to do the same.  This is a big deal.

You have a voice: use it.

Visit the faith&AIDS 2008 Election page for all kinds of resources for American voters who are concerned about issues like hunger, poverty, and health care at home and around the world.  Find candidate statements, independent analysis, and more.  Want to vote on the issues?  Here’s a good place to start.


~ by h.e.g. on September 16, 2008.

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