NN: Men and AIDS

>> More Training, Improved Tools Needed for African Health Workers Performing Male Circumcisions, Study Finds, Kaiser Network (3 September 2008)
A World Health Organization study indicates that “African health workers performing male circumcision in an effort to curb the spread of HIV need better tools and more training to avoid high rates of complications.”  The study stresses the need for more and better preparation before attempting to make widespread circumcision a part of HIV prevention strategies.

>> Uganda: Men Urged to Participate in Aids Fight, New Vision (31 August 2008)
Ugandan health workers “have been challenged to increase male participation in Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV and AIDS.”  Most men have been found to be quite uninvolved in this service, even when their wives are receiving it.

>> Researchers Examine How Perceptions of Masculinity Influence HIV Prevention in Central America, Kaiser Network (22 August 2008)
After surveying men to learn about their self-perceptions and perceptions of masculinity, researchers “developed six primary categories to which HIV/AIDS prevention messages can be customized.”  Men who focus on feeling powerful, for example, should be targeted with messages “that they have the power to choose condom use,” while men who see themselves as protectors “should be given messages about fidelity and condom use for the sake of protecting their families.”  (Comment: This is a really interesting approach — it makes a lot of sense to try to communicate with people in a way that suits their personality.  It would be fascinating to see this research expanded to other regions and situations, and to see its basic principles used in other types of research and communication.)

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