NN: Creativity, problems in African AIDS efforts

>> UN academic seminar to provide ideas to halt HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, UN News Service (Sept. 8, 2008)
Excerpt:The United Nations University (UNU) plans to hold a one-day HIV/AIDS seminar tomorrow, aimed at helping international academic institutions conduct research that could lead to halting the epidemic’s devastating trail across Africa.”

>> Zimbabwe: ZBCTV to Screen Two New Local Dramas, The Herald (Sept. 8, 2008)
A new TV series coming to Zimbabwean audiences on Thursdays will explore “the issue of HIV and Aids among rural people and how they struggle to relate to their status and stigma.”  The show, “Kusika Moto,” features an HIV-positive protagonist who “does not divulge her status to her children choosing to heap all the blame on witchcraft. It looks at how society and the family treat victims of the disease.”  (Comment: Nice to see HIV/AIDS issues being addressed on African television.  This could be a great way to get people thinking, talking, and understanding more about the disease.)

>> Uganda: HIV Patients Short of Social Support, The Monitor (Sept. 6, 2008)
Excerpt: “When people fall sick, especially with a condition like HIV/Aids, they obviously need care and treatment. But care and treatment are not enough in a situation where someone has to spend the rest of their lives on medication.  For instance, what happens when they get stigmatised? Who encourages them to take their medication when they no longer want to take them? Who helps them when they need financial support?”

>> Health progress remains fragile, BBC News (Sept. 8, 2008)
Excerpt: A peace deal in June 2008 finally ended a decade’s reign of coups, rebellions and conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR). Over one million people – a quarter of CAR’s population – have been affected by the violence. As the country fell apart, so too did its health service. As campaigns Manager for Merlin, the medical aid agency, I recently visited CAR to find out how the country, and its health service, is recovering.


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