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I haven’t been posting much in the last week or so, largely because I was helping my brother move off to college (sniff, sniff!).  So I’m kind of behind on things.  Which means: I think it’s time for a heavy dose of News Notes.

>> Safe sex message delivered to Olympians, China Today (Aug. 16)
Free condoms and AIDS leaflets were distributed around Beijing during the Olympics, continuing a tradition that has seen free condoms “become a regular feature of the global sports event.”  The Olympics efforts are part of a larger campaign by the Chinese government to tackle HIV/AIDS in Beijing and throughout the country.

>> Huge hike in AIDS cases in Indonesia feared, Jakarta Post (Aug. 14)
Excerpt: “Men’s resistance to condom use will transform moderate-risk Indonesia into a country with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the region within a few years, the Commission on AIDS in Asia has warned. In its latest report, the commission projected that Indonesia would see the number of people living with the virus grow significantly, even exceeding those in high-risk neighbouring countries, due to its “limited success” in implementing preventive measures.” >> AIDS groups beseige Japanese PM, The Nation (Thailand) (July 31)
Excerpt: “Thai AIDS advocacy groups have sent a letter to the Japanese prime minister asking that HIV-infected Thai workers be treated properly.  The letter, signed by three Thai activists, was written in the wake of the recent deal of a Thai woman and permanent disability of another, allegedly as a result of delays in proper treatment from Japanese public-health authorities.


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