NN: Meds and comics address TB

>> Aggressive TB treatment “success,” BBC News (Aug. 24)
Researchers have found that it is possible to cure extensively drug-resistent (XDR) tuberculosis.  Some experts had feared that XDR TB would be essentially impossible to treat.  While the new findings represent good news, the sad fact remains that XDR treatment is complicated and extremely expensive.

>> Le Raison de Résistance: Substandard TB Drugs Found in South Africa, CGD Blog (Aug. 18)
Two tuberculosis drugs were recently recalled in South Africa after tests “found they did not contain the needed amount of active ingredients.”  Incidents like this fuel the development of drug-resistent TB strains.  The author points out: “As MDR-TB can cost up to 300 times as much (in time, money and human resources) to treat as primary TB, these errors can put incredible strain on an already weak health system.”

>> The World Tuberculosis Cup – Score One for Global Health Innovation, CGD Blog (Aug. 14)
Okay, this is pretty cute.  The Stop TB Partnership recently sponsored a competition for the best comic book “aimed at teaching children and teens about tuberculosis and how to prevent it.”  The winning entry features Portuguese soccer star Luis Figo as the captain of a TB-fighting team.  This blog post discusses the contest itself, and the broader, controversial issue of using prizes “to incentivize global health and development innovation.”  (By the way, I know I’ve mentioned before that I love stories that show how people can take whatever skills they have and use them in AIDS efforts and other worthy causes.  This is a great example.  So if there are any budding cartoonists out there . . . well, maybe this will stir up some ideas!)


~ by h.e.g. on August 26, 2008.

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