NN: African AIDS solutions

>> Africa: The Politics of Combating Aids, allAfrica.com Guest Column (Aug. 4)
Excerpt: Of the 33 million people living with HIV, 67 percent are in sub-Saharan Africa. Clearly, achieving an Aids-free generation in Africa will call for a substantial investment of financial, human and other resources. More importantly, it will require of African governments that they muster the political will to implement the governance reforms and foster the changes in political culture needed to tackle the pandemic effectively.

>> Rwanda: Mixing Culture, Art And Development, The New Times (Aug. 19)
Excerpt: Rwanda has cultivated a niche for following programmes that are homegrown.  The success story of Gahaya Gifted Hands Centre is a case in point.  This is a project that was started to benefit HIV/Aids women by involving them in making jewellery that can provide them not only with an income, but also a sense of purpose in life.

>> Angola: Government Assumes Combat to HIV/Aids With Peace, Angola Press Agency (Aug. 24)
Excerpt: With the achievement peace in 2002, the Angolan government assumed the combat to HIV/AIDS by creating its own strategies, and stop depending on regulations of international organisations.


~ by h.e.g. on August 26, 2008.

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