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Just in case you haven’t gotten enough election coverage lately (if, for example, you’ve been hiding under a rock for about a year and a half), faith&AIDS is proud to present: Election ’08.

Conveniently located at the top of the right hand sidebar, this lovely new page gathers a variety of content related to HIV/AIDS, healthcare (domestic and international), and the 2008 American federal election.  I’m focusing mainly on the presidential race, but if I come across anything relevant regarding the congressional elections, I’ll look into that too.*

Before we go on, I’d just like to clarify a few things, for the record:

  • The point of this page is simply to gather election news and information related to HIV/AIDS and global public health issues, and make it easy to find.  These are important issues, and worth considering when it comes to voting and making other decisions.
  • I’m not campaigning for anyone here, and I’m not looking to be partisan.
  • I will seriously do my best to be fair and present information in as unbiased a way as I can.
  • If one candidate, party, etc. seems to be getting more coverage, or more “positive” coverage, please understand that there are differences in how and to what extent different politicians address these types of issues.  For example, as of the present moment (late August), both major parties have addressed health and development issues, but Barack Obama’s campaign has, on the whole, placed significantly more emphasis on these issues than John McCain’s campaign has.  So it’s easier to find information about Obama’s position s in this area.
  • Broadly speaking, I welcome comments on this blog.  I do, however, want to keep things congenial, focused, and reader friendly around here.  That means I will delete comments I deem to be inappropriate or irrelevent.*  Consider yourself warned. That being said, please do feel free to share your thoughts and opinions — nicely.

And now . . . let the fun begin.

* If anyone has interesting information, links, ideas of where to look for more info, etc., please send them to me.  Politics is not my forte, and I always appreciate suggestions.  Maybe I can get our Washington correspondent to lend a hand now and then.  (Katy, if you’re reading this…you know what I’m thinking.)

** Inappropriate = offensive, slanderous, mean-spirited, etc.  Irrelevent = blatant campaigning, propaganda, wide-ranging commentary about politics in general (i.e. unrelated to HIV/AIDS or other health and development issues), repetitious postings, etc.


~ by h.e.g. on August 26, 2008.

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