Presidential candidates on AIDS and Africa

Last December (2007), political advocacy organization Africa Action compiled information on the African policies of the presidential candidates.  According to this report:

Some steps forward have been made to address this crisis – for a recent overview, see Africa Action’s Statement on U.S. HIV/AIDS Policy Progress. As a whole, however, the response of the international community remains tragically inadequate. This nonpartisan resource provides information on the positions of each of the leading candidates from both parties. We urge all candidates to make this issue a key part of their campaign platforms. Advocates may use this resource when addressing candidates on the campaign trail.

Africa Action does not endorse any particular candidate. The HIV/AIDS crisis is an issue that transcends ideological or partisan boundaries. It is the moral and ethical obligation of the next president of the United States to be a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Every candidate’s campaign should reflect the urgency of responding to this global crisis.

The full report includes information for 8 major primary candidates (read it here), but here’s the information for McCain and Obama.



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