NN: Vaccine discussions

>> Mexico City AIDS 2008: Luminaries Call For Ending AIDS Through A Vaccine At Global Conference, Medical News today (Aug. 10)
“Discussions about how to manage AIDS in the long term and how to improve prevention efforts globally took center stage at this year’s International AIDS Conference (IAC) held in Mexico City. Unlike previous IAC conferences, this year’s event did not have a plenary session focused on vaccines. But that did not stop luminaries and vaccine advocates alike from calling for continued support for an AIDS vaccine to end the epidemic.”

>> Antibodies May Lead to Protection Against HIV, Washington Post (Aug. 8)
“Some long-term survivors of HIV infection produce rare and extremely potent antibodies that keep the disease from progressing to AIDS, and might point to a way to protect uninfected people from the virus, researchers reported yesterday in the closing hours of the 17th International AIDS Conference in Mexico City.”

>> IAVI Releases Blueprint for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research, Kaiser Network (Aug. 6)
“The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative on Tuesday at the XVII International AIDS Conference released a set of guidelines aimed at developing a safe and effective HIV/AIDS vaccine, Reuters reports. According to the guidelines, researchers should concentrate on smaller, more focused vaccine trials and abandon any candidates that do not show strong promise. “Developing an AIDS vaccine may take more time and innovation than we might have once imagined, but we are confident that science will prevail,” IAVI President and CEO Seth Berkley said, adding, “The necessary direction for the field is clear.”

>> AIDS chief still hopeful for vaccine, cure, CNN opinion piece by Anthony S. Fauci (Aug. 5)
“HIV vaccine development has been frustrating and challenging for a number of reasons, including the fact that the virus mutates rapidly, hides from the immune system, and targets and destroys the immune system cells that are successful in fighting and clearing most other viruses from the body.
With HIV we will have to do better than nature if we are to develop a vaccine; HIV is unlike the situation with other viral diseases such as measles and influenza, where we have been able to mimic natural infection and induce protective responses with vaccines. My institute and many other organizations around the world are working on this problem, and advances are being made.”


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