NN: Speakers denounce stigma, discrimination at International AIDS Conference

Ban urges end to prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS, UN News Center (Aug. 4)
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “has called for bolstered global efforts to tackle HIV/AIDS, stressing at the world’s largest forum on the pandemic that the virus impedes economic development and that discrimination against people living with HIV remains widespread.”

World YWCA calls on religious leaders to rise up against stigma and discrimination in response to HIV and AIDS, World YWCA (Aug. 4)
World YWCA HIV and AIDS Co-ordinator Sophie Dilmitis “was part of a plenary session addressing stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS and she called on religious leaders to start using their power to help overcome the stigma and discrimination often associated with HIV.”

As AIDS Conference Opens, AmfAR Releases Report Exposing Global Failure To Address HIV Among MSM, Medical News Today (Aug. 5)
“A day after leaders from the United Nations and the World Health Organization called attention to the need to combat AIDS among men who have sex with men, amfAR released the world’s first comprehensive report exposing the failure of governments and global health institutions to address this exploding epidemic. The report, MSM, HIV, and the Road to Universal Access – How Far Have We Come?, paints a clear picture of collective denial and inaction fueling a worldwide public health crisis.”

AIDS stigma rampant in Mexico: World conference highlights patients who report discrimination from doctors, Houston Chronicle (Aug. 2)
“Activists plan to seize the opportunity to confront deep-rooted homophobia in Mexico, which has deterred thousands of HIV carriers — a majority of them gay men — from seeking treatment or even getting tested. The situation is similar throughout much of Latin America except in a handful of countries including Haiti, Honduras and Belize, where the epidemic has become more generalized. […] Many experts liken the discrimination toward AIDS patients here to that of the United States in the 1980s, when the predominance of the disease within the gay community led to a homophobic backlash.”


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