NN: More news on circumcision

Male Circumcision Efforts Should Increase To Prevent HIV/AIDS, Particularly in Africa, Report Says, Kaiser Network (Aug. 5)
” According to Reuters, three studies were cut short in 2006 after they showed strong evidence that male circumcision could help reduce a man’s risk of HIV. At the conference, researchers and advocates said there has been little effort since then to encourage more men to undergo the procedure (Tan, Reuters, 8/4). Supporters of circumcision say that sub-Saharan Africa, where two-thirds of the world’s 33 million HIV-positive people live, could benefit the most from more widespread circumcision. However, enthusiasm for the procedure has been ‘tempered by worries that circumcision may face a backlash on cultural, religious or sexual grounds and may prompt men to abandon use of the condom,’ AFP/Yahoo! News reports. ”

Uganda: Circumcision – How Does This Men’s Issue Affect Women?, New Vision (Aug. 4)
“Male circumcision helps reduce HIV infection but requires communication between a couple.”

SOUTH AFRICA: How safe is traditional circumcision?, IRIN/PlusNews (Aug. 4)
“[I]nternational NGOs, donors and even some African governments have been channelling resources into creating a demand for medical male circumcision, and increasing the capacity of hospitals and clinics to meet it.  Meanwhile, some public health experts have complained that making traditional circumcisions safer has received considerably less attention or funding.”

The Other Face of Circumcision in HIV War, The Monitor (via allAfrica.com) (Aug. 1)
(This is an opinion piece, by Michael Bahinyoza.)  “A colleague told me last week, seven of his friends (all of them single) had been circumcised in this ended month of July and that the RCT findings had majorly influenced their decision. It is worth noting that because of information deficiency and other challenges, there have been a number of exaggerated claims made for the reported efficacy of male circumcision in preventing HIV infection.”


~ by h.e.g. on August 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “NN: More news on circumcision”

  1. they’re currently debating circumcision on opposingviews.com. one of the experts touches on the hiv/aids connection. click here if you’re interested.
    the debate is between dr. edgar schoen and nocirc, both experts on the subject.

  2. Circumcision is now in the news a lot because it appears that sexually promiscuous African men, when circumcised, get HIV from infected women at about half the rate of their countrymen with a whole penis, and amazingly circumcisers like Schoen have pounced on this as another reason to continue the cutting of baby boys in the U.S.

    No medical association in the U.S. actually recommends neonatal circumcision of boys. It is not medically necessary. The foreskin is normal healthy sexual tissue that is an integral part of the penis.

    Circumcised men can get HIV, and men who are sexually promiscuous where HIV is epidemic can count on getting infected, if not sooner then later. Circumcision to prevent HIV infection is cruel hoax. For that matter, so is the promise of a vaccine. A great many tropical diseases persist, even though they could in theory be wiped out. American men spend more on Viagra – c.f. circumcision – than the world spends on efforts to eradicate malaria, which kills millions of children every year.

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