Blog on AIDS in the South

I just came across a blog called South Georgia HIV/AIDS, and thought I’d give a link to it, since I’ve posted on recent news about high rates of HIV/AIDS in the southern United States.

Here’s a description of the blog (from its sidebar):

This is a place I use to post information, articles, news, and whatever else I think relates to living in “The Rural South” and HIV/AIDS. In my mind there is a lot of cross over to many issues, but I am trying to focus on some of the bigger issues I have experienced. As a disclaimer – I am not HIV positive and do not write this from that perspective. I have worked and volunteered for more than 15 years around the issue of HIV/AIDS in various capacities. Please leave comments, suggestions or questions in the comments. I do not require that you leave a email address to comment.

Having looked around the site for just a couple minutes, it looks like there are a lot of news articles and reports posted.  It also links to feeds from a few HIV/AIDS news sources.  Anyway, if you’re interested in AIDS in the US South, you might find the site useful.



~ by h.e.g. on August 5, 2008.

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