BBC articles discuss HIV/AIDS in Britain

>>Towns across UK face HIV challenge (By Paul Steinberg)

The BBC’s Paul Steinberg describes HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom as “a rapidly developing picture, with the impact of new drug therapies, improved life expectancy and recent immigration creating new challenges for HIV service providers.”

Demographic changes are challenging Britain’s healthcare workers to keep up.  More people moving away from big cities mean that smaller communities are having to scale up HIV/AIDS services.  The two groups most affected by HIV/AIDS in the UK are men who have sex with men, and Africans who have moved to Britain.  While British specialists are used to dealing with HIV/AIDS among gay men, the increasing number of African patients, especially women, requires some big adjustments.

Meanwhile, stigma is still a big problem for many people living with HIV/AIDS in the UK, and the increasing diversity of the epidemic is fuelling “tensions between different groups with HIV […] as a result of competition for finite resources.”  Tom Doyle, an AIDS service provider interviewed in the article, said he hopes for growing openness and understanding, and further focus on prevention efforts.

>>UK Africans ‘need more HIV help’

New research suggests that greater efforts need to be taken to spread HIV prevention information among Africans living in Britain.  A survey found that certain types of misinformation about HIV/AIDS are relatively common among the UK’s African population, and that uncertainty about the disease is often exacerbated by (groundless) fears that an HIV diagnosis might cause a person to be deported.  Researchers and AIDS organizations are stressing the need to make important information widely available and accessible, and to combat stigma against HIV testing.


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