AIDS in Australia

I haven’t posted much (if anything) on the state of HIV/AIDS in Australia, so here’s a brief dicussion of new info on Australia from the 2008 UNAIDS report.

According to an article from The West Australian, “Australia’s rising HIV rates have come under the spotlight in a new United Nations report that shows the disease is generally stabilising worldwide.”

The UNAIDS report names Australia alongside Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China, Britain and most of Africa, as nations in which HIV infections are on the rise.

“After declining sharply in the 1990s, new HIV diagnoses in Australia have increased, from the 763 reported in 2000 to 998 reported in 2006,” the report states.

“There is evidence that the prevalence of unprotected sex between men has increased or remained at high levels in recent years in several cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney.”

Australian HIV epidemiologists say despite the trend, well documented over the past seven years, Australia’s overall infection numbers are still impressively low.  –The West Australian

Australia was home to about 18,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in 2007, a prevalence rate of about 0.2%.  You can find these and other statistics on HIV/AIDS in Australia on its country fact sheet from


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