SC paper calls for action on AIDS in South

I recently wrote about a new report from Southern AIDS coalition, which warned that the growing rate of HIV/AIDS in the Southern US is “creating a health catastrophe.”  The State — a paper based in Columbia, South Carolina — ran an editorial on Friday (July 25), calling the report “a call to action.”

The editorial calls Southerners to “decide that enough is enough and that they will no longer sit idle and watch as this killer disease cuts down family and neighbors.”

For more info, you can read this Birmingham News article about the report, or visit the Southern AIDS Coalition’s site.


~ by h.e.g. on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “SC paper calls for action on AIDS in South”

  1. I am a director of an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) in Columbia, SC. Our situation in the southeast is bleak indeed–particularly so if you look at statistics among African Americans. In a few days, the World AIDS Conference will be held in Mexico City. Usually the focus is on populations in Lesotho, the Ukraine, Botswana and other foreign countries. The media focus on HIV in these countries has been so successful that we have overlooked the fact that we have statistics mirroring the stats of those countries here in African American communities. Our legislators are very knowledgeable about HIV in African but have no idea of the burden of HIV in the population of African American women.

    This year, a delegation will attend the World AIDS Conference with the sole mission to bring attention to the impact of HIV on communities in America. Please help support these efforts. The resources and funding that we are using to help other countries is need there. We also need additional resources here at home.

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