NN: high-risk demographics

NEWS NOTES, episode 1

Kaiser Network (July 22): Summary of a Chicago Tribune opinion piece discusses the danger of HIV infection faced by black women, especially those living in the inner city.  (Compelling case for the influence of environmental factors like location and economic status in determining HIV risk: e.g., a woman “in a poor neighborhood, for example, who engages in the lowest levels of risky behavior is dramatically more likely to acquire a sexually transmitted disease than higher-risk women in communities with low rates of infection, according to public health experts.”)

New York Times (July 22): Conflict is brewing over the use of methadone (a treatment for easing heroin addicts off the drug) in Russia, where the HIV outbreak is driven by IDU.  Summary here.

IRIN/PlusNews (July 21) : Poverty, displacement, and other problems contribute to early marriage, sex work, and sexual abuse among girls in war-torn northern Uganda.

Scoop (July 17): The UN has developed a policy on HIV/AIDS among migrant workers, who may face high risk with little treatment access.

ExpressIndia (July 1): A recent report shows that “Men who buy sex […] are the single most powerful driving force in Asia’s HIV epidemic and constitute the largest infected population group.”


~ by h.e.g. on July 22, 2008.

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