NN: global health, ancient and modern

NEWS NOTES, episode 6 (I told you I had a lot of news to catch up on!)

Kaiser Network, July 21: The PBS show “News Hour with Jim Lehre” looked at “the Baylor College of Medicine’s Pediatric AIDS Corps to fight HIV/AIDS among children in Malawi.”

BBC News (July 16): Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are studying a collection of 6,000-year-old human bones from the ancient city of Jericho in hopes of learning about the evolutionary history of TB, as well as its present and possible future manifestations.  It is believed that TB was common in the Ancient Near East . . . and you thought archaeology and public health had nothing to do with one another!  (This story is causing me to envision my Old Testament professor in a lab coat, bending over a microscope.  It’s an odd mental picture.)

IRIN/PlusNews (July 14): South African NGOs and government officials hope foreign doctors can help fill enormous health worker shortages in the country, debate ethics of recruitment.

BBC News (June 26): In a tragic reflection of the crumbling health system in Central Asia (a legacy of the collapse of the Soviet Union), nearly 80 babies in the former Soviet state of Kyrgyzstan have been infected with HIV during hospital stays.


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