G8 post-Summit analysis (Part 3)

I wanted to pass along the comments on the G8 that I found in two e-newsletters I get, one from the Center for Global Development (CGD) and one from the ONE Campaign.*

According to CGD,

The G8 leaders […] set a five-year deadline to provide $60 billion to fight disease in Africa, but activists said the pledge meant little to the continent’s poor, Agence France Presse reports. The G8 nations also said that they would take “concrete steps” to fight HIV/AIDS, including through “sexual and reproductive health and voluntary family planning programs.” The leaders reconfirmed a promise made three years ago in Gleneagles, Scotland, to double aid to Africa by $25 billion by 2010, though Japan is the only nation to have already met the pledge to double its aid.

The ONE Campaign provided more commentary in its update:

Before the summit, the Financial Times leaked that the G8 may backtrack on their 2005 Gleneagles commitments to the world’s poorest. But thanks in no small part to a massive outcry from around the world—over a million people in 190 countries, including nearly 200,000 ONE members—they reaffirmed their promises.
Unfortunately, reaffirming their promises doesn’t address the fact that their commitments are not being backed up by money. Germany, the UK, and the US are doing well in delivering their part, but the other countries are lagging behind, and dragging down the group as a whole.
To learn more, check out the analysis from the G8 summit on the ONE Blog: http://www.one.org/blog/2008/07/10/1963?id=400-3965350-QFJHkDx&t=1.
We’ve helped stop the G8 from slipping back, and encouraged them to take some small steps forward. But they didn’t meet our request to deliver on their promises, nor did they set a timeline for spending $10 billion in pledged agricultural aid.
The G8 still have the chance to hit the targets they set for themselves, and we’ll have more opportunities to pressure them to do so in the coming months.

Finally, here’s more from Ben Hubbard, on the ONE blog:

The G8 are dangerously behind on their landmark commitments to the region, having delivered only $3 billion of the promised $25 billion in additional assistance to Africa by 2010, according to the 2008 DATA Report.

After difficult negotiations, the G8 summit yielded small gains for the poorest. The bulk of G8 agreements on development and Africa and food security reiterated previous pledges rather than outlining new measures to get the group back on track. The G8 did announce plans for a new effort to tackle the global food crisis, though more details are needed to ensure its effectiveness and delivery. They highlighted the UN High-level meeting on the MDGs in September as an important opportunity to review progress and identify actions needed to overcome remaining challenges.

At a time when G8 credibility is at risk due to slow progress in delivering on commitments, there was a strong call for greater accountability in the G8 Communique. The G8 agreed to track progress against previous commitments in health, education, water and agriculture, as well as its compliance with anti-corruption measures.

* Want to get this kind of news yourself?  Join the ONE Campaign to get updates from them.  You can sign up to get e-mail updates from CGD here.  The CGD has several topical newsletters, including one on HIV/AIDS.


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