G8 conversations: Tanzania and the US

The agenda of this week’s G8 Summit drew the world’s eyes to Africa.  (Well, at any rate, it drew the world’s eyes to Japan, where a lot of people were talking about Africa.)  Here’s a link to a White house press release with the transcript of comments from President Bush and President Kikwete of Tanzania, who is planning to visit the US later this summer. 

(Read the rest of this post for a few highlights.  For more G8 excitement, here’s a link to the White House G8 Summit page.)

Excerpts from US/Tanzania press conference at the G8 Summit.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes. One of the things that’s so impressive about his leadership in Tanzania is that the help of the American people is effective help, measurable in the number of people whose lives are being saved, babies are being helped with malaria. I mean, it’s just unbelievable the job you’ve done there. And we’re excited to welcome you to the country. I really want the American people to hear firsthand how successful their generosity has been, whether it be on HIV/AIDS or malaria. And Tanzania is a good example. But this success would not have taken place without your leadership, really important. […]

PRESIDENT KIKWETE: You saw how people came out into the streets to receive you. It’s a measure of our appreciation of what the people of the United States have done to apply assist us in many things. Many lives have been saved through those programs in support of malaria, or to HIV/AIDS, but there are so many other programs that are building our — capacity of our people to measure — to marry their own development, which we highly appreciate.


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