South Africa: faith-based orgs urged to help

Check out this article – it’s a good one.  In a short amount of space it covers a few of the big issues in the intersection of Christianity and HIV/AIDS (and TB).  There’s far, far more to say about faith and AIDS – or, if you prefer, theology and health care in general – and I obviously hope to say more in the future, but this is a good window into the issues.

According to an article from a South African paper, “Faith Based Organisations have been challenged to open their doors and take part in TB and HIV campaigns to prevent the spread of the diseases and offer support to infected people and their families.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Treatment Literacy Campaign Co-ordinator in Khayelitsha, Vatiswa KamKam said that while some churches had come on board in the fight against TB and HIV, some congregations still believed that such diseases could be cured only through prayer and distanced themselves from the issue.

“While we acknowledge the powers of prayer, we need to face reality on what is happening around us, we are living in another century with a number of illnesses and we can’t turn a blind eye on what is happening,” said Ms KamKam.

She added that some people infected with the disease went to church seeking support, which they sometimes did not get, due to the stigma still attached to TB and HIV.

“Instead of labeling and criticising, the churches need to open its doors and show support through counseling,” Ms KamKam told BuaNews.



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