Healing in Christian history

And now for something completely different…

I love poking around the website of Books & Culture: A Christian Review, and an article by Healther D. Curtis called “All Shall Be Well” recently caught my eye.  It’s a review of a book called Healing in the History of Christianity, by Amanda Porterfield.  Apparently the book argues that health and healing (physical and otherwise) has been a major theme in Christian spirituality through the course of its existence.

This struck me as really interesting in terms of Christian AIDS advocacy.  Many Christians (including myself) are motivated to care about AIDS (and other health and social justice issues) because of our faith – because we believe that God created and loves every human being, and has called us to serve others.  Through the centuries, countless men, women, and children have been introduced to the love of Christ through Christians who have cared for the sick.

Anyway, I doubt many people are likely to be as interested in this article and book as I am – that would be the history major in me – but for anyone who is, check it out.  (And if this topic doesn’t appeal to you, well, Books & Culture has tons of other great stuff.)


~ by h.e.g. on July 3, 2008.

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