Good news for patients on ARVs

In this article the Kaiser Network reports that, according to a new study conducted among HIV+ individuals in 10 European countries and Australia, “people living with HIV in developed countries and receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy are no more likely to die than HIV-negative people” within the first five years after their diagnosis.”

While mortality rates among people living with HIV/AIDS increases after five years, “possibly because people are less likely to adhere to antiretroviral regimens or are less able to tolerate side effects from the drugs,” the increased risk is relatively small (e.g. 5% after ten years, for some age groups).

These results highlight the incredible importance of antiretroviral medications: “Before 1996, when antiretroviral cocktails were not widely available, the increased death risk for newly diagnosed HIV-positive people ranged from nearly 8% to 20%, depending on a person’s age.”


~ by h.e.g. on July 3, 2008.

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