Stigma still a serious problem

This article from The Zimbabwe Guardian addresses the continuing problem of stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS.  Some quotes:

CURRENT efforts to fight AIDS, including international commitments to achieve universal access to treatment, care and support by 2010 will fail if the pervasive stigma faced by people living with HIV is not tackled more aggressively.

This was said by an AIDS activist, Charles Moyo during a two day aids workshop held in Bulawayo last week. […]

“Stigma and discrimination are the two major hurdles that continue to hamper rehabilitation of people infected and affected by HIV in most countries,” said Moyo.

This article focuses on the context of Zimbabwe, but as Moyo indicated, the problem of stigma is far from unique to that country, or to sub-Saharan Africa.

A personal comment: There are so many tragic stories out there about how shame, stigma, and discrimination harm the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS around the world.  As someone who believes that God created and loves every human being on this planet, it deeply saddens me to consider how cruel we humans can be to each other.  I pray that those of us who trust in the love and power of Christ will always resist stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS, and that the global Church will continue to grow in love and compassion for those infected and affected by HIV, as well as passion to advocate for them in the broader community.


~ by h.e.g. on June 30, 2008.

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