News on HIV/AIDS incidence and demographics

AUG. 4: Click here for updated info on HIV/AIDS incidence and demographics from UNAIDS, the CDC, and others.


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I’ve come across several articles that deal with HIV/AIDS rates in particular demographics.  I’ll just summarize very briefly here, and post links.

1.  First, here is the CDC’s most recent set of statistics on HIV/AIDS in the US (covers through 2006).  Find more info about the CDC’s HIV/AIDS statistics and surveillance here.

2.  The CDC just published a report indicating that the number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses in young American men who have sex with men (MSM) rose significantly between 2001 and 2006 (a 12.4% increase, based on statistics from 33 states).

  • CDC report (quite technical language, but makes some notable distinctions and clarifications)
  • Article from Medical News Today (summary of CDC report, with some commentary)
  • Article from the Kaiser Network (slightly less technical, but with more background info – scroll down to see “Comments” section, which has some good quotes giving perspective on the data)

3.  Recent articles from the BBC and The East African (a Nairobi-based newspaper) discuss HIV/AIDS among MSM in the UK and East Africa, respectively.

4.  This article from the Kaiser Network discusses recent research on HIV risks among young Indians working in call centers.


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