Dealing with HIV/AIDS in the workplace

In this informative article from The Monitor, a Kampala-based paper, Mary Kamukama discusses new government policies designed to reduce workplace discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.  Kamukama writes:

While the policy reverses a disconcerting trend where prospective workers have been denied employment just because they are HIV positive … many more workers have lost their jobs, because they tested positive for HIV … [or] because of irregular show-ups at the workplace, as they fight for their lives, spending long periods in hospital. …

In a world where the drive for profit has thrown human rights considerations out the window, such workers are promptly discarded as useless.

Some have kept their jobs alright, but many more continue to suffer finger-pointing and discrimination of the worst kind that makes them feel less human.

This is a good article that can help us understand a situation that reaches far beyond Uganda.

UPDATE: Here’s another article from The Monitor that talks about the persistent problem of stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS, and how this affects employment opportunities.


~ by h.e.g. on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dealing with HIV/AIDS in the workplace”

  1. Mostly the stigma is done by people with no self esteem as they now at least they feel there is someone less due to their imaginations@

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